Flodraulic Europe – Experts in fluid power, electrical and mechanical technologies


Experts in fluid power, electrical and mechanical technologies

Flodraulic Group was founded on 1980 in Toronto, Canada, as a full service design and manufacturing company. Year by year the group grows developing new skills and acquiring new competencies, thanks to organic increase and acquisition of new companies.

It is the mission of Flodraulic Group to be a global leader in motion control technologies by bringing the best people, the best products and the best solutions to our customers. 649 employees are now part of the group among USA, CANADA and Europe.

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Flodraulic Group's goal is to become a global systems integrator with the style and the purpose of North American companies that can successfully compete in the European market.

Oleobi is one of the leading global players in the design and construction of hydraulic power units in the industrial sector.

Oleobi has been a member of Flodraulic Group since 2016 and is focused on the introduction and the development of people that, at a technical, engineering and managerial level, can contribute to the growth that an international group can aspire to.

Oleobi wishes to be the ideal partner for highly complex projects on the most demanding applications: for this reason it boasts state-of-the-art processes and product certifications issued by the most prestigious international authorities.


Sace engineers integrated hydraulic and electronic solutions in the mobile market and is part of Flodraulic Group since 2017.

Sace's competitive advantage lingers in the sweet spot between these three pillars:

  • Advanced engineering design and technical skills ––> DESIGN
  • Wide assortment of best-in-class components and products, conveniently available on our webshop ––> PRODUCTS
  • A specialized team dedicated specifically to electronic integration projects within hydraulic systems, including client-specific machine software development. ––> ELECTRONIC SKILLS.


Flodraulic GmbH is a specialized engineering partner and offers advanced electro-hydraulic, hybrid and fully electric system solutions in the field of drive and control technology for mobile applications.

The core competencies of FLODRAULIC GmbH are:

  • 1. Comprehensive product and application experience in hardware and software. This eliminates interface problems and ensures functionality and robustness.
  • 2. Product lifecycle management including all measures for the functional safety of mobile machines.
  • 3. Digitalization of mobile machines as well as field and online diagnostic support.
  • 4. In-house production of customer-specific radio remote controls for mobile and industrial applications.


PK delivers rigid and flexible piping for industrial & mobile applications.

PK began in 1995 as a distributor of Parker hydraulic and pneumatic components, integrating the design and assembly of smart HPU. Since 1996 PK has been chosen as a certified Parker Fluid Connector distributor for the sale, pressing and testing of flexible hoses. Today, PK offers an additional level of service: making its own experience and qualified personnel available for design and execution of fit-ups on constructions sites using rigid and flexible piping.


EBI is a global hydraulic company that designs and the manufacturers hydraulic components.

Ebi specializes in the design and manufacturing of control valves, diverter valves, joysticks, and foot pedals for the most demanding mobile applications. All the products are designed to guarantee flexibility and high level of customization. Ebi’s engineers ensure all customers’ full support: from the components design to the installation and testing on the machines. EBI believes in teamwork to elevate people value, globally; believes in continuous R&D to reach the highest level of technology; believes in relationship to drive results. This is Ebi’s way to Engineering Beyond Imagination.


HTH is specialized in the design and fitting of rubber hoses, simple and double wall stainless steel flexible pipes for high and very high temperatures and rigid, shaped pipes.

Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses:HTH’s metallic flexible pipes with parallel undulation, without gaskets and seam, guarantee perfect tight of pressure and also very high flexibility.

Special processed products:Besides the production of standard hose sizes HTH perform also custom processing of the customer's design. HTH also operates on pipes of large dimensions creating molds for the customer, with production of both unique pieces of pieces in series.


Service & Maintenance: the group, in Italy, has a team of skilled operators able to intervene promptly on every type of hydraulic system. Upon customer\'s request we provide worldwide assistance during machine assembly, commissioning and periodic maintenance.

Some of our services:

  • Internal service (revision of hydraulic power units, hydraulic pumps and motors, test with certified test benches)
  • Upgrade / Revamping of systems designed both by Oleobi and third-parties
  • External call service 24/7
  • Scheduled customer maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance using remote monitoring system
  • Full Service Maintenance



Flodraulic Group goal in Europe is to become the leading system integrator in motion controls leveraging the knowledge and experience developed in 30+ years of applications in North America and Italy

a safe, comfortable and inclusive work environment

processes aimed at reducing mistakes and increasing efficiency

continuous improvements of technical and design skills to guarantee the best service

organic growth and penetration into new markets

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